5 Best Outfits from SheWearsFashion

Kavita from she wears fashion is absolutely shunning and she makes a fantastic fashion model/ blogger. Many other fashion model/bloggers (blodels?) I'm afraid to say, do not pull off every outfit but Kavita has this stunning natural beauty, and her hair is amazing in the ombré style.

Anyway I have been stalking her www.shewearsfashion.com blog and picked out my 5 favourite outfits from the last 2 months. I'm going to post some cheeky pics from her blog, I am not sure if that is allowed, but maybe it is because I am promoting her. Remember to see more of Kavita check out www.shewearsfashion.com !! 

She looks like a real model, especially those last two pictures - she really knows how to work it! Anyway her blog is great, her style is right up my street. Exactly what I would be wearing if I was daring enough or had enough money. Although she often finds cheaply prices lookalikes on eBay which is amazing. That bag with the buckles she found on eBay! I just always check her blog and see that she's wearing some trend that ive been loving... So she's really great. Hopefully you like her style too. I guess she's very well known but y'know check her out if you didn't already know.


5 Ways To Wear: High Waisted Shorts

All the rave these days is the high-waisted trend. I am honestly not sure why this trend started in the first place, I believe in low-rise all the way! For a long time I failed to understand why girls were wearing this style... I thought it looked terrible. It takes away the curves and anything high-waisted used to be seen as the epitome of uncool but it seems things have changed. Everyone is wearing them and they seem to be the only shorts available to buy right now... I have to admit I am slowly coming round to them. Not necessarily because I think they look good, but because it seems like they are going to be sticking around (at least for the summer) so I better just get used to it.

I have never seen anybody wear high-waisted anything and wanted to copy their style. Despite this I have recently purchase some high-waisted shorts because I loved the pattern on the front and they just happened to be high-waisted. Adding to my skepticism of high-waisted shorts owning a pair has just confirmed my fears. It is almost impossible to find nice stuff to wear with high-waisted shorts. Not to mention that most of the styles barely cover the bum... Yes so I have been having alot of struggle finding things to wear with these shorts. Normal t-shirts work fine but I'm struggling to cope with the crop top-high waisted shorts idea. To me it just seems too much skin on show. The way things are going summer clothes are barely covering the bikini, you well as well just wear your bikini the whole time!

Either way I DO think that crop tops and high-waisted shorts looks good if you're brave enough (and slim enough) to pull it off. I searched around for what you can wear with your HW shorts and found these cute little items...

1. Rihanna For River Island White Knot Tee £20. Loove this top, admittedly a little expensive but I actually bought this and it is so nice. The material is soft and what you don't see is that the back is higher up than the front so it looks amazing with high-waisted shorts!
2. Topshop Fringe Bralet - I definitely love the fringe style and these would look great.
3. Rihanna For River Island (again) crop top £20. Again, a little on the steep side but I saw the video of Rihanna talking about her collection and the model wearing this looked amazing! The open shoulder look is very now and no doubt this will look incredible with anything this summer.
4. Missguided Sleeve crop top £14.99 - the plain white crop top is the must have staple for this summer it goes with every high -waisted item out there! Pair with a statement necklace and away you go never looking more chic.
5. Topshop Denim Bralet £18 - this is great with shorts on a night out!

New In!

 Ahhh... Missguided has arrived today :) I bought maxi skirts, crop tops, a cardigan, sunglasses and an amazing necklace. I have exams this week so I am not supposed to be updating my blog but I absolutely love this necklace it is amazing and I have to share it with you. It instantly uplifts any outfit and looks great with plain coloured tops. I'm so happy I bought it :) I thought it would be much shorter but its a dangling necklace which is another plus! Heres a couple of pictures for you to admire:

Kim Kardashian's Best and Worst Pregnancy Outfits!

In light of that fact that Kim Kardashian is due to have her baby this July, I thought it was an appropriate time to look back over her time being pregnant - and especially her pregnancy clothing. When I first found out Kim was pregnant I (suppose like everyone else) attempted the impossible task of trying to imagine her pregnant. Trying to picture Kim without a fantastic figure is virtually impossible, presumably you all had the same problem too? One of the sexiest woman in the world known for her great body and she was about to lose all of that - how dramatic?! Ashamedly, I felt a tiny little sliver of glee at the thought that even Kim cannot look incredible ALL the time. No matter who you are, even if you're Kim Kardashian, looking good pregnant is hard. Now, I'm not saying that being pregnant means you look terrible, I think pregnant women look amazing because I think pregnancy is a wonderful thing and a pregnant woman should be treated like a goddess.

Despite all of this, Kim has managed to still look great during her pregnancy and has tried very hard to act - and dress like - she is not pregnant at all! Indeed, it was very strange but relieving when she finally wore some maternity clothes and flats! So without any further ado here are my 9 best and worst pregnancy outfits for Kim Kardashian....

9TH. Who could forget this horrible fashion fail? Kim looks like she really forced her feet into those shoes! The dress itself is not that bad but for the shoes this outfit has to go to last place.
8TH. Oh dear Kim, this outfit looks terrible, its like you forgot you were pregnant when you got dressed that morning. Spanx when you're pregnant? Not a good look. It's the colour that I really take a disliking to though...
7TH. I hate this outfit. Its those trousers, the style and the pattern. Just no.
6TH. Again, it looks like Kim forgot she was pregnant again. This is not a good maternity look. No heavily pregnant woman should force herself into a tight dress and heels its just wrong. The dress itself is not that bad, bring it back out once the babys born!
5TH. Are those flats I'm seeing? Can't believe it! Kim is wearing casual clothes, she looks comfortable and she looks great! 
4TH. Probably the most elegant and skin-covering dress anyone has ever seen on Kim Kardashian? Despite not showing much flesh the star looks great. The dress is simple yet stunning.
3RD. Not typical pregnancy clothes but I have to admit Kim still looks great in this outfit despite her bump. Loving the colours and the skirt length. 
2ND. I love this outfit. I think Kim looks incredible.
1ST. Finally.. my favourite outfit goes to this maternity dress and flats, who would have thought Kim that you can still look great in maternity clothes? You can!  Best of all, she looks comfortable and incredibly stylish.

My Search for an Online Job Continues...

I haven't been having much success in this department so I thought I'd fill you in... I've been trying a few different ways to make money online lately including writing a blog (obviously), being a event rep and user testing.

So the first thing I tried actually user testing. I reckon I would be quite good at this type of job as I have a critical eye and always am thinking this website could be better if they did that or this but I tried to download the software and it doesn't seem to work on my computer for whatever reason. So until I get a new computer that avenue is closed.

Secondly, I've been trying with this blog. I applied for Adsense but I was rejected because I don't have enough content, which is fair enough, but this was supposed to be a fashion blog. A fashion blog is going to be mainly pictures no? All I can think is that I write more stuff before any pictures I post and every other post has no pictures at all - just pure words. I know this isn't the best blog in the world but I am trying here people! Mainly I've been so focused on this blog because of exams coming up, it's a form of procrastination! I'm also more worried about writing long blogs because there's more out there for people to judge you know and also - what is there to write about?! I've been using my twitter account to try and promote this blog, but this doesn't generate too much traffic. 

Thirdly, I've been trying a hand at being an event representative. I'm going to be honest I thought this would be easy. Since I have a huge contact list on hotmail and a twitter account I thought I'd just advertise the links and gets loads of money - not so! Approximately 300 people have clicked on the links but no one has bought any tickets! Also in the first few days I had an issue with the links not working! So overall not good at all.

Maybe I'm not cut out for this Internet malarkey. I thought, being young, I'd make money in no time and know exactly how to use social media to my advantage. I have to say though- I've been searching 'how to get more followers on twitter' just as much as the rest of us! I genuinely thought it would be easy! Let's hope things get better!


Black Wedges for Summer

I've been searching for some perfect black wedges for a while now, since I bought all those croptops and maxi skirts I need some nice wedges to finish off the outfits! Black wedges are incredibly versatile - they go with everything! - and are great for summer looks. Unfortunately, being fairly slim I can't pull off wedges with a high heel - it just elongates my body and make me look abnormally thin - which is a shame because those are inevitably the best looking and appear to be the only kind shops are selling this summer! For the adventurous there are also plenty of platform black wedges in the shops! It is funny that these styles tend to sell out but I do not see many people wearing them in public. I guess there are some perks to being really short - and wearing sky high wedges is one of them. For the rest of us, we will just have to accept that wearing 5 inch wedges and being shorter than our boyfriend is just not going to happen in the same moment!

1. Black Peep Toe Strappy Wedges from River Island £40
2. Black Suedette Buckle Peeptoe Wedges from New Look £22.99
3. Black Platform Wedges from River Island £50
4. Black T-Bar Cork Wedges from New Look £19.99
5. Ankle Strap Wedges from Next £45

Top Ten Online Jobs

For the last few days I have been feverishly searching online for jobs.. any jobs that would guarantee money at the end. As any student I have a bit some money I need to pay off and everyone likes to have a bit of money on the side right? To be honest I was searching for jobs that would require some form of skill or at least be fun or unusual. I knew there had to be ways to make money online I just had to find the treasure troves! Firstly, like any job making money online requires hard work or at least you must dedicate a lot of time towards it. There are no get-rich-over-night schemes (unforunately!). I have not made any money online yet, but then again I have not been trying for very long. I have the patience to wait it out. The good news is that if you spend a lot of time online there is definitely something that you do that can be transferred to a money making scheme. Why just surf the internet like everyone else when you can be the one making the money from the surfers? So heres a list of the jobs and what I have found out in my research over the last few days.

1. BLOG. Yes, having a blog is a great way to make money. Find yourself searching the internet for the same things everyday, why not start a blog about it? Everybody has interests - you can use that to your advantage. If you love clothes (like I do) why not start a blog posting up all the clothes you loved in the last week. Or if you like video games, do reviews for them. Its totally up to you. Once you've chosen something to write about you're going to need to add exposure to your blog, I do this using my twitter account (@raveorbehave) but you can use facebook, forums... join online communities and promote your blog. Some say the best thing to do is establish yourself in some online medium before you start up your blog. Now you have a bit of traffic you need to add Adsense to your blog and make some money. You can use your blog in a variety of other ways to make money too.

2. USER TESTING. This was one of the more unusual jobs I found, basically you test websites for companies and tell them what is wrong with them. This will not get you rich but get give you a little bit of money on the side. I liked this job because you can shine if you happen to be good at this and you can make more money if you have good reviews for your tests.

3. EVENT REPRESENTATIVE. Get people to buy tickets for events and earn commission from it. You can make good money from this. A great method is to get a lot of exposure to your url by posting to forums, facebook, twitter etc. Fatsoma is a website that does this.

4. AFFLIATE MARKETING. If you love a brand why not promote them and get paid for it? You can use your website or blog to generate traffic to the website and earn commission.

5. EBAY. Sell your stuff on eBay and make a profit. Buy things cheaply abroad and sell them on from a nice tidy profit. You need patience for this type of work.

6. WEBSITE. If you have some kind of skill, like knitting or you have a talent like you play the guitar you can sell these skills online through lessons or selling merchandise. You can use twitter/blog/facebook to promote your website.

7. SURVEYS. Do surveys and get paid. This takes time and a lot of patience. Also be careful the site is not a scam. This is not the best option - slightly mind dulling.

8. VIRTUAL ASSISTANT. This looks like a great online job, get paid to be a PA from home, work in  your own time... If you have any office experience this looks like a great way to make money online.


10. YOUTUBE. You don't have to show your face, if you can draw or animate these videos do just as well (if not better).

Check out this for more: http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/family/make-money-online

And I found many weird and wacky ways to make money online (not for the faint hearted) just do a quick google search x