5 Best Outfits from SheWearsFashion

Kavita from she wears fashion is absolutely shunning and she makes a fantastic fashion model/ blogger. Many other fashion model/bloggers (blodels?) I'm afraid to say, do not pull off every outfit but Kavita has this stunning natural beauty, and her hair is amazing in the ombr√© style.

Anyway I have been stalking her www.shewearsfashion.com blog and picked out my 5 favourite outfits from the last 2 months. I'm going to post some cheeky pics from her blog, I am not sure if that is allowed, but maybe it is because I am promoting her. Remember to see more of Kavita check out www.shewearsfashion.com !! 

She looks like a real model, especially those last two pictures - she really knows how to work it! Anyway her blog is great, her style is right up my street. Exactly what I would be wearing if I was daring enough or had enough money. Although she often finds cheaply prices lookalikes on eBay which is amazing. That bag with the buckles she found on eBay! I just always check her blog and see that she's wearing some trend that ive been loving... So she's really great. Hopefully you like her style too. I guess she's very well known but y'know check her out if you didn't already know.


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