5 Ways To Wear: High Waisted Shorts

All the rave these days is the high-waisted trend. I am honestly not sure why this trend started in the first place, I believe in low-rise all the way! For a long time I failed to understand why girls were wearing this style... I thought it looked terrible. It takes away the curves and anything high-waisted used to be seen as the epitome of uncool but it seems things have changed. Everyone is wearing them and they seem to be the only shorts available to buy right now... I have to admit I am slowly coming round to them. Not necessarily because I think they look good, but because it seems like they are going to be sticking around (at least for the summer) so I better just get used to it.

I have never seen anybody wear high-waisted anything and wanted to copy their style. Despite this I have recently purchase some high-waisted shorts because I loved the pattern on the front and they just happened to be high-waisted. Adding to my skepticism of high-waisted shorts owning a pair has just confirmed my fears. It is almost impossible to find nice stuff to wear with high-waisted shorts. Not to mention that most of the styles barely cover the bum... Yes so I have been having alot of struggle finding things to wear with these shorts. Normal t-shirts work fine but I'm struggling to cope with the crop top-high waisted shorts idea. To me it just seems too much skin on show. The way things are going summer clothes are barely covering the bikini, you well as well just wear your bikini the whole time!

Either way I DO think that crop tops and high-waisted shorts looks good if you're brave enough (and slim enough) to pull it off. I searched around for what you can wear with your HW shorts and found these cute little items...

1. Rihanna For River Island White Knot Tee £20. Loove this top, admittedly a little expensive but I actually bought this and it is so nice. The material is soft and what you don't see is that the back is higher up than the front so it looks amazing with high-waisted shorts!
2. Topshop Fringe Bralet - I definitely love the fringe style and these would look great.
3. Rihanna For River Island (again) crop top £20. Again, a little on the steep side but I saw the video of Rihanna talking about her collection and the model wearing this looked amazing! The open shoulder look is very now and no doubt this will look incredible with anything this summer.
4. Missguided Sleeve crop top £14.99 - the plain white crop top is the must have staple for this summer it goes with every high -waisted item out there! Pair with a statement necklace and away you go never looking more chic.
5. Topshop Denim Bralet £18 - this is great with shorts on a night out!

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