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For the last few days I have been feverishly searching online for jobs.. any jobs that would guarantee money at the end. As any student I have a bit some money I need to pay off and everyone likes to have a bit of money on the side right? To be honest I was searching for jobs that would require some form of skill or at least be fun or unusual. I knew there had to be ways to make money online I just had to find the treasure troves! Firstly, like any job making money online requires hard work or at least you must dedicate a lot of time towards it. There are no get-rich-over-night schemes (unforunately!). I have not made any money online yet, but then again I have not been trying for very long. I have the patience to wait it out. The good news is that if you spend a lot of time online there is definitely something that you do that can be transferred to a money making scheme. Why just surf the internet like everyone else when you can be the one making the money from the surfers? So heres a list of the jobs and what I have found out in my research over the last few days.

1. BLOG. Yes, having a blog is a great way to make money. Find yourself searching the internet for the same things everyday, why not start a blog about it? Everybody has interests - you can use that to your advantage. If you love clothes (like I do) why not start a blog posting up all the clothes you loved in the last week. Or if you like video games, do reviews for them. Its totally up to you. Once you've chosen something to write about you're going to need to add exposure to your blog, I do this using my twitter account (@raveorbehave) but you can use facebook, forums... join online communities and promote your blog. Some say the best thing to do is establish yourself in some online medium before you start up your blog. Now you have a bit of traffic you need to add Adsense to your blog and make some money. You can use your blog in a variety of other ways to make money too.

2. USER TESTING. This was one of the more unusual jobs I found, basically you test websites for companies and tell them what is wrong with them. This will not get you rich but get give you a little bit of money on the side. I liked this job because you can shine if you happen to be good at this and you can make more money if you have good reviews for your tests.

3. EVENT REPRESENTATIVE. Get people to buy tickets for events and earn commission from it. You can make good money from this. A great method is to get a lot of exposure to your url by posting to forums, facebook, twitter etc. Fatsoma is a website that does this.

4. AFFLIATE MARKETING. If you love a brand why not promote them and get paid for it? You can use your website or blog to generate traffic to the website and earn commission.

5. EBAY. Sell your stuff on eBay and make a profit. Buy things cheaply abroad and sell them on from a nice tidy profit. You need patience for this type of work.

6. WEBSITE. If you have some kind of skill, like knitting or you have a talent like you play the guitar you can sell these skills online through lessons or selling merchandise. You can use twitter/blog/facebook to promote your website.

7. SURVEYS. Do surveys and get paid. This takes time and a lot of patience. Also be careful the site is not a scam. This is not the best option - slightly mind dulling.

8. VIRTUAL ASSISTANT. This looks like a great online job, get paid to be a PA from home, work in  your own time... If you have any office experience this looks like a great way to make money online.


10. YOUTUBE. You don't have to show your face, if you can draw or animate these videos do just as well (if not better).

Check out this for more:

And I found many weird and wacky ways to make money online (not for the faint hearted) just do a quick google search x

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