My Search for an Online Job Continues...

I haven't been having much success in this department so I thought I'd fill you in... I've been trying a few different ways to make money online lately including writing a blog (obviously), being a event rep and user testing.

So the first thing I tried actually user testing. I reckon I would be quite good at this type of job as I have a critical eye and always am thinking this website could be better if they did that or this but I tried to download the software and it doesn't seem to work on my computer for whatever reason. So until I get a new computer that avenue is closed.

Secondly, I've been trying with this blog. I applied for Adsense but I was rejected because I don't have enough content, which is fair enough, but this was supposed to be a fashion blog. A fashion blog is going to be mainly pictures no? All I can think is that I write more stuff before any pictures I post and every other post has no pictures at all - just pure words. I know this isn't the best blog in the world but I am trying here people! Mainly I've been so focused on this blog because of exams coming up, it's a form of procrastination! I'm also more worried about writing long blogs because there's more out there for people to judge you know and also - what is there to write about?! I've been using my twitter account to try and promote this blog, but this doesn't generate too much traffic. 

Thirdly, I've been trying a hand at being an event representative. I'm going to be honest I thought this would be easy. Since I have a huge contact list on hotmail and a twitter account I thought I'd just advertise the links and gets loads of money - not so! Approximately 300 people have clicked on the links but no one has bought any tickets! Also in the first few days I had an issue with the links not working! So overall not good at all.

Maybe I'm not cut out for this Internet malarkey. I thought, being young, I'd make money in no time and know exactly how to use social media to my advantage. I have to say though- I've been searching 'how to get more followers on twitter' just as much as the rest of us! I genuinely thought it would be easy! Let's hope things get better!


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