Kim Kardashian's Best and Worst Pregnancy Outfits!

In light of that fact that Kim Kardashian is due to have her baby this July, I thought it was an appropriate time to look back over her time being pregnant - and especially her pregnancy clothing. When I first found out Kim was pregnant I (suppose like everyone else) attempted the impossible task of trying to imagine her pregnant. Trying to picture Kim without a fantastic figure is virtually impossible, presumably you all had the same problem too? One of the sexiest woman in the world known for her great body and she was about to lose all of that - how dramatic?! Ashamedly, I felt a tiny little sliver of glee at the thought that even Kim cannot look incredible ALL the time. No matter who you are, even if you're Kim Kardashian, looking good pregnant is hard. Now, I'm not saying that being pregnant means you look terrible, I think pregnant women look amazing because I think pregnancy is a wonderful thing and a pregnant woman should be treated like a goddess.

Despite all of this, Kim has managed to still look great during her pregnancy and has tried very hard to act - and dress like - she is not pregnant at all! Indeed, it was very strange but relieving when she finally wore some maternity clothes and flats! So without any further ado here are my 9 best and worst pregnancy outfits for Kim Kardashian....

9TH. Who could forget this horrible fashion fail? Kim looks like she really forced her feet into those shoes! The dress itself is not that bad but for the shoes this outfit has to go to last place.
8TH. Oh dear Kim, this outfit looks terrible, its like you forgot you were pregnant when you got dressed that morning. Spanx when you're pregnant? Not a good look. It's the colour that I really take a disliking to though...
7TH. I hate this outfit. Its those trousers, the style and the pattern. Just no.
6TH. Again, it looks like Kim forgot she was pregnant again. This is not a good maternity look. No heavily pregnant woman should force herself into a tight dress and heels its just wrong. The dress itself is not that bad, bring it back out once the babys born!
5TH. Are those flats I'm seeing? Can't believe it! Kim is wearing casual clothes, she looks comfortable and she looks great! 
4TH. Probably the most elegant and skin-covering dress anyone has ever seen on Kim Kardashian? Despite not showing much flesh the star looks great. The dress is simple yet stunning.
3RD. Not typical pregnancy clothes but I have to admit Kim still looks great in this outfit despite her bump. Loving the colours and the skirt length. 
2ND. I love this outfit. I think Kim looks incredible.
1ST. Finally.. my favourite outfit goes to this maternity dress and flats, who would have thought Kim that you can still look great in maternity clothes? You can!  Best of all, she looks comfortable and incredibly stylish.

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