How to get more followers on twitter

I currently have 150 followers on twitter! Yes I know you're wondering how I did it, well don't you worry, today I'm giving away all my secrets (for free!) Listen closely and you could be a z-lister on twitter in no time at all! 

Raveorbehave's Top Ten Twitter Tips:
1. Make an account - seems obvious but you'd be surprised!
2. Post a tweet - again obvious, but why would people follow you if you don't post anything?
3. Post another tweet. Yes....
4. Change the look of your profile. Something unusual or eye-catching will do the trick.
5. Follow people you are interested in and ask them to follow back!
6. Use hash tags. Keywords are your best friend.
7. Don't use text words. Except lol and rofl and lmao and jk and....
8. Don't assume you will get followers over night
9. Reevaluate your life if being retweeted means so much to you
10. Do steps 1-9 again!

Done! You're now a z-lister on twitter! Enjoy your time at the top... You never know when it could be over.

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